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Families welcome at Discover E-Bike!

#1 One of the focuses of Discover E-Bike is families. We have added a Burley Bike Trailer for the little ones.

#2 We are the only rental company on the peninsula that allows 13 and older to ride an electric bike.

#3 We have lots of different styles of bikes to fit all sizes. Our goal is to make sure everybody is comfortable and on the right bike for them. We added a trike this year!

#4 Our rides are safe using some of the best parts of the Olympic Discovery Trail.

#5 When you are finished riding you end up downtown Port Angeles where there are variety of places to eat.

#6 Several times, we have families that just finished with Olympic Hike and then shoot over to ride a few hours on an Electric Bike.

#7 The ferry to Canada is just a few blocks away, families from Victoria have come over for the day and road an E-bike to the Elwha River. One of my favorite memories was a family with their 80 yr. old Nana wearing a swimsuit and jumping into the Elwha.

#8 We also have a one- hour ride along the waterfront trail that exposes families to the beauty here in Port Angeles. Many people like to do this before they go eat downtown.

#9 Whale watching is also a family favorite, and we often see families whale watch and bike on their vacations. Because the whale watching tour is only four blocks away it's very convenient.

#10 Below is a family that took a ride to Edis Hook while staying at the Red Lion. They said it was a highlight of their trip!

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