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Wow what an inspiring day. Being a parent of a teenager and an 11-year-old, it meant a lot to see parents taking their kids on a day trip to have fun. They came to ride the Olympic Discovery Trail on Feb 14th from Seattle. I was a little worried not going to lie because the wind was up and the temp was 47 degrees. This goes to show you if you have the right clothing you can ride anytime.

In my mind, 50/50 they might come back early. They went for full two hours and had a blast! Afterwords the girls joked around and had fun designing a bike in our studio. Didn't buy one but just had fun making a bike of their dreams.

I've had many families rent from us but this one was extremely happy, especially the teenage girls. The parents were inspiring and come to find out the Dad Ben Morley is a strategist, coach and consultant. I looked him up online becasue he was different than anybody I've met. Truly happy! Google Ben Morley and you might be inspired too.

It's families and people like this that make me inspired to keep going! Thanks for making a trip out to see Discover E-Bike and would love to see you again!

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