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Love this little red bike!

This bike is an Electric Bike Company bike and has been a real champ never letting me down.

Because of it's size lots of customers can handle it!

It's had the most pictures taken and has made so many people happy!

Now it's on the bridge waiting for it's next ride.

Come visit and try out little red you won't be disappointed.

We also have a design studio that you can order your perfect bike right there after your ride.

After your order it takes about three to four weeks to arrive at your door-step.

Come vacation and have an awesome bike when you get home!

Remember Electric Bike company has one mechanic build their bikes walk away knowing you have a quality bike.

They have a Industry leading warranty 5 year on the battery and 10 year on the bike.

Buying through us you get awesome service, free alarm system and use are discount codes and save even more.

Discover100 discount on one bike.

Discoverbuy2 $300 off two

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