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Perfect bikes for the Olympic Hot Springs

My wife and I went to Madison falls walked and carried our bikes through the by- pass trail to the wash-out at Old Olympic Hot Springs Road. Note- bikes way only 36 pounds!

Then we persisted for 11 beautiful miles up hill with our E-bikes. It was still challenging but the E-bikes made it a lot more fun! No way I could of done this without an E-bike I was still sore for a day afterwards.

We started at 8:45 and ended the day at 2:30 soaking for about 45 minutes.

My bike had two bars left after 22 miles of riding and my wife's was still at 4 bars. We could have gone a lot further pretty amazing for this little bike.

These T1st are an awesome bike for the money, quiet light and enough power.

On sale now for 1099 come visit and you can do adventures like this.

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